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Genealogy of the Hooley's and more from Cheshire, England.

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Privacy & Terms of Use

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Terms of Use


The primary objective in genealogy is to identify all ancestors and descendants in a particular family tree and to collect personal data on them. As a minimum, this data includes the individual's name and the date/location of birth, marriage, and death. In order to support research by other genealogists, this data is often published on internet genealogy websites.

Therefore, I may have collected much personal information on you and your family from a variety of sources. The privacy of this information is important to me and I assure you there is a privacy policy in place for this website with which you can be satisfied.

Most of us would prefer not to have to worry about our personal data but, in this day and age, we must use caution to prevent misuse of the information. Identity theft and credit fraud are the worst problems. There is concern that information distributed to distant relatives or put on a genealogy websites makes it easier for unscrupulous individuals to commit invasions of privacy or other frauds. However, the personal information that the identity thieves and credit fraud perpetrators want are full names, social security numbers, dates and places of birth, current occupation/employment data, and bank/credit card account numbers. One or two facts alone (e.g., your name and/or your mothers maidenname) are not enough information to cause any problems.

Names and Relationships

I designed this website so it suppresses the names of living individuals. If you are aware that someone is living and their name is shown here, please let me know, so I can remedy the situation.

Note: Only family members who are registered users and login to the site will be able to view living individual information.

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Photographs of living individuals are considered personal data and are normally suppressed. However, if the individual so chooses, a photograph can be tagged as "always visible." Before any photograph can be included in this website, permission is obtained from the owner of a photograph. Permission is also obtained from living individuals in a photograph if:

  • they are identified in the caption/description, or
  • they can be identified through deductive reasoning using names/relationships found elsewhere.

The statement "Used with Permission" after the owner's name identifies compliance with these requirements.

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Personal Data Suppression

To insure the privacy of living individuals, this website will always suppress the personal data of living individuals from viewing by the general public. Personal data includes, but is not limited to, birth/marriage dates/locations, photographs, notes, and biographies.

Note: If a relative does not want his/her personal data to reside in a website server database in spite of password protection, that individual and linked descendants cannot be accommodated by the security program. They will reluctantly be excluded from the website.

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Personal Data Access

Personal data access is restricted to family members who must login to access the normally suppressed personal data of living individuals. You must first read the Privacy Policy, agree with the Terms of Use, and register for a user account. When registering for your user account, you must indicate how you are related to the family. If you are not related, you will not be granted access.

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Personal Data Security

Original data given to me in trust (personal information, e-mail/street addresses, phone numbers, etc.) is not provided to others unless approval is first obtained. You should be aware, however, that most of this information is public domain and may be readily available to others using internet search engines.

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Terms of Use:

No claims are made by me to copyright in any material on this site. If any persons consider that their rights have been infringed by the posting of material on this site, they are invited to contact me and I will take immediate steps to rectify the matter.

All of the pages located within the domain http://www.oceanwhar.com/genealogy, are accessible to the public for free without charges or fees of any kind, with the exception of access to data on living persons which is allowed only to family members.

The information on this site may be freely used by researchers for personal, non-commercial use that is not meant to generate income or money.

All of the transcriptions and other research located on this site have been undertaken by me, unless otherwise indicated.

For those who wish to use this information for personal, noncommercial purposes, I ask only that credit be given by citing the page url address (http://...) that contains the information you are using, and/or the name and address of the main page of the website.

Note: It is expressly forbidden for anyone to charge for access to these pages, or to provide the information contained on them to anyone for any kind of fee or charge, or to use them in a commercial manner. If you have been charged a fee to access these pages, or know of a site that is doing so, or that is reproducing information from this site for a fee, please contact me.

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By using this site, you agree to the following terms of use and any changes thereto:

  • The "Hooley Family History" website is intended primarily for the personal use of the family members listed therein. Use by others is limited to the purpose of genealogical research. The content of this site can not be used for any sort of unsolicited mail or commercial purposes.

  • Family members must not share their user name and password with anyone except their current spouse and minor children. They also agree not to share personal data of family members accessible through use of that password without the express permission of the individuals concerned.

  • Individual images may be copied by family members for their personal use. General distribution, including use on other websites, is prohibited by copyright law unless permission is obtained from the owner of the photo, living individuals in the photo (if identifiable), and the site owner.

  • Biographies and documents may be copied by family members for their personal use. General distribution (including use on other websites) is prohibited by copyright law unless permission is obtained from the site owner.

  • In the event of permitted copying or distribution of copyrighted material, no changes in, or deletion of, author attribution or copyright notice shall be made. You acknowledge that you do not acquire any ownership rights by downloading copyrighted material.

  • You agree to give appropriate credit for any material from this website that you use in a written document, genealogical database, or website of your own. You agree to include a link to my site on any genealogical web page of yours that makes use of the content on this site.

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Every effort has been made to ascertain the accuracy of the data. However, since some of the information was provided by others without documented sources, there is the possibility of errors. The "Hooley Family History" website cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of any content or material found on my site or linked to my site. Furthermore, you agree not to hold the "Hooley Family History" website responsible for any issues that may arise from the inaccuracy of the content on this site.

This database contains information that has been proved as well as information that is speculative and in the process of being proved or disproved. Never take anything you find here (or in any other online database) as gospel truth.

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