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Genealogy of the Hooley's and more from Cheshire, England.

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26 April 2022 - TNG has been updated to version (13.1.2). Also about 400 more people have been added to the site, mainly in the research area. There has also been a large addition on Sources and Media information which is worth checking out.

31 January 2022 - TNG has been updated to version (13.1.1).

07 October 2021 - TNG has been updated to version (13.0.4) and appears to be working corrctly. The GOOD NEWS is that I have finally ironed out all the problems with the New Desktop Software and I´m happy with the way it is working. So now about another 400 people have been added and numerous new and updated sources have also been added to the database.

05 January 2021 - HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone. I have now updated the site to the latest TNG version and all seems fine, but I could have missed something so if you see any problems thalso been and large entry of en please let me know. I am still working on the new desktop software so no new data updates as yet.

23 December 2020 - AS OF TODAY THE SITE WILL BE PUT INTO "MAINTENANCE MODE" for at least the next TWO WEEKS. This is so that I can upgrade to the latest version of TNG software and iron out any problems that may occur.

If you should notice any problems then please let me know.

Welcome to the Website

This started out as a record of my Hooley Family of Cheshire, where most of the family lived in the Macclesfield and Stockport area. But like many families of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries branches were established throughout the UK and in Australia, South Africa and USA to mention a few.

The main line for My Family is built on my parents Fred Hooley (1906-1987) and Gertrude (Trudie) May Baxter (1913-1996). Unfortunately I've hit a "brick wall" with Fred's Grandfather James Hooley (1827-1918) as to who his actual parents were. As I progressed in trying to break down this wall by researching more Hooley's from Cheshire, more and more Hooley's and associated lines appeared. So this site has now developed into a Cheshire wide research project. No doubt some of these lines will move across to my family tree once connections are found.

At the moment there are two trees, the Hooley-Baxter Tree which is my Family Tree and the Research Tree which picks up the other Hooley's and associated lines. It is the intention that these other lines will eventually be allocated to their own discrete trees. It will be seen that through the ages the surnames Hooley/Hulley/Howley are freely interchangeable and in many cases even within a single family. As I do not reside in the UK any help with this research would be much appreciated.

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Last Import: 27 Apr 2022 - Research Tree - 8,735 individuals.
Last Import: 27 Apr 2022 - Hooley - Baxter Tree - 1,690 individuals.

If there is No Source, I have No Proof, if the source is a Person, then the information is Hearsay. Possibly I might not have entered the information yet so always take the first statement as true.

To list all the people on this page would be impracticable so the top 50 surnames are shown. To see them all, or to select one to view, use the Find menu and click on Surnames. Alternatively, if you know the name of the person you are looking for, enter it in the search boxes at the top of the page or use the ADVANCED SEARCH facility.

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I wish to give special thanks to Ray Hulley for without his help this research would not have advanced so far. I would also like to thank my second cousin Frank Hooley, and also Frances Goddard and Ron Hooley for their invaluable help on the Australian side.


Every attempt has been made to protect the private information of the living. This is based on a birth and/or death date. If this information is missing then it is possible for the details of a living person to be shown. If you see any such individuals, please let me know and if you can send me any missing dates as it would be much appreciated.

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